We defuse crisis situations

Ensure your defence

  • Anticipate

    We help you prepare for a crisis, anticipating the blows and providing you with the strongest possible defence. We equip you with the necessary tools to withstand media pressure and assess your capacity to respond with confidence.

  • Protect

    Whatever the situation, we support you with crisis management and communications advice so that your messages are heard over those of your competitors.

  • Restore

    During the crisis, we monitor your image in the media, among journalists and on the internet. After the crisis, we rebuild your reputational capital through appropriate crisis communications.

Discover our method

Protecting your reputation is our business

“The hard truth.
We don’t tell clients what they want to hear.
We tell them what they need to know.”


President, LaFrenchCom

10 years of crisis comms experience

We firmly believe that democracy is not about submitting to the media or online commentators; it’s about the fruitful interchange of facts, interests and opinions.

We make our clients’ voices and realities heard in the face of disinformation. We tackle the spread of malicious rumours that often serve hidden interests.

Lawyers will often tell you to say nothing to the media to stay on the right side of the law. Our experience tells us that silence will make you a suspect or, worse still, guilty as charged.

The duty of the justice system, the media or social networking platforms is not to uphold the presumption of guilt. Doubt should always work in favour of the party presumed to be innocent. Yet some media outlets have created an unbearable presumption of guilt. And some netizens have turned permanent indignation and emotional manipulation into a dangerous and unacceptable business. Never before has it been easier to jeopardise a reputation, image or worth with just one bad news story – long before any warnings or sanctions have been issued.

That’s why crisis communications have a vital role to play in defending what you hold dearest, particularly in today’s society that has become so keen on spectacularising justice.

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